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Land in Abruzzo for Sale, Italy

Some examples of land with planning approval for sale in Abruzzo. All land shown here is under contract and secured by Houses in Italy srl.

Land in Abruzzo For Sale: HII Ld'I02

Property in Abruzzo: HIILd'I02

A 3.5 hectare (8.65 acres) plot of land with planning approval for 2 farmhouses. This plot can be sold as a single unit with planning for the 2 houses or as separate units of either 1 hectare or 2.5 hectares respectively.
- 3.5 H plot €120,000 / 1 H plot €50,000 / 2.5 H plot €80,000.

Land in Abruzzo For Sale: HII V01

Property in Abruzzo: FactFile

Some plots have ruins on them which can be renovated but it is often cheaper to build from scratch than to renovate. We can use the old stone from the ruins to face new houses.


Building costs start from as little as €750/m² and land from €40,000 per hectare (2.47 acres) which includes full planning permission to your specification.


The minimum plot size, in an agricultural area, for a new build is currently 1 hectare - so for a 100m² house i.e. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living area, you could buy the land and build for just €115,000.


Notary costs and state taxes amount to approximately 18% of the land purchase price.


Planning laws in Abruzzo are currently relatively relaxed - unlike in neighbouring Le Marche.


There is no doubt that they will tighten in the next few years, but currently as long as the "land to build ratio" is adhered to - up to a maximum of 270m² in a 3 hectare plot - (a large 5 bedroom, spacious farmhouse) - the rural councils and local people are very welcoming.

Property in Abruzzo: HII V01

A delightful 1.7 hectare plot of land with far reaching, undisturbed views with planning approval for a 4 bedroom house - 150m².
- €65,000 o.n.o.

Land in Abruzzo For Sale: HII DD01

Property in Abruzzo: HII DD01

A 3 Hectare plot of land enjoying stunning views towards the Gran Sasso Mountain range. This plot has planning approval to build an 800m³ house. (The max size permissible in a rural area.) 5/6 bedroom house, 4 bathrooms, large kitchen, sitting room etc. large verandas and of course a pool. - €110,000 o.n.o.

Land in Abruzzo For Sale: HII08 Ed'A1

Property in Abruzzo: HII08 - Ed'A1

A stunning 3 hectare plot with many established olive trees near the lovely hill top town of Elice. The opportunity to build a large farmhouse with unbelievable views. - SOLD

Land in Abruzzo For Sale: HII DD02

Property in Abruzzo: HII DD02

A really fabulous small plot of land nestling right in front of Gran Sasso. A fantastic site for a 100m² house. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, sitting room, verandas, and of course a pool. - SOLD

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